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Whether you're an agency client or getting coached by me in one of my signature group programs, I help you elevate your brand and achieve the authority, positioning and audience you’ve always dreamed of. 

Hannah Nieves

Founder & CEO

From underwriting $525,000,000 real estate in Manhattan to overseeing a multi million dollar marketing budget as the Director of Marketing at California Closets, I am no stranger to high stakes. As an entrepreneur myself I know that your business is your baby and in so many ways the stakes are much higher with your business than the companies with giant budgets I used to work with. 

I am in this with you.

When you work with me you never have to worry about getting my attention or that you will be lost in the shuffle. With an intentionally small group of clients, we can find the next program, course or service to meet your unique needs and then some. White glove service and luxury experience is what I focus on. Whether you want to work with me 1:1, take advantage of my agency services or take part in one of my high level group programs or courses, you can rest soundly knowing we’re scaling your business to the next level.

About hannah


I’m an enneagram 1, ENFJ, Manifesting Generator

My favorite show: Sex and the City

In another life I'd be an Interior Designer

My favorite drink is split between a lychee martini and a full bodied cabernet.

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