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Super connector, tech founder,
Speaker, podcast host, business advisor, and mother.

I have helped hundreds of founders from across the globe elevate  their brand, amplify  their influence, and expand  their revenue.

With a keen eye for designing intentionally integrated brands, Hannah has established herself as both a tastemaker and advisor to founders and businesses who, like herself, are striving to grow beyond their business. 

She believes that as a founder, you don't have to choose between building a successful business or a beautiful life. Both can live and work together. Through her expertise in positioning, growth strategy, and personal branding, Hannah bridges the gap between living and working to develop brands and experiences that last a lifetime.

As a tech founder, speaker, podcast host and founder of The HN Brands, Hannah is leading a movement of founders who are building and leading intentional lifestyles, and influential businesses.

What I believe


I believe we are all put here for a deeper purpose and mission -- but it's up to us to leave this place better than we found it. We all have influence and we all have the opportunity to use our ability to impact the people and the world around us. 

Our connections and network are the single most important piece of growth and the way you treat those people is even more important. Surround yourself and hire people who think bigger and expand you as a founder. 

Lead with integrity, honesty, and compassion to as you will attract others around you who lead with the same principles. Commit to your growth and purpose here and lead by example.

Hannah takes on select roster of 1:1 clients throughout the year where we work on business growth and development, visibility and PR, founder personal branding and presence and lifestyle integration. She steps in as your partner and advisor.

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We have an intimate partnership opportunity at HN Haus ® for a year long mastermind meets 1:1, advisory panel and two in person events experience. This is meant for businesses at $250k+ a year in annual revenue.


We've created a private, invitational only peer to peer network for affluent women founders that's powered by AI. If your looking for a private network of other women founders and looking to amplify your influence, expand your business, integrate your well being and develop your philanthropic endeavors - this is your home.


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Over the last few years we've cultivated a collection of brands that serve a singular purpose -- redefine the way we live and work. Our world and our environment is constantly changing and the dynamics of work life integration are ever evolving. 

The HN Brand portfolio seeks to exist to create lasting change in business -- because we know if we can support the founders around us we can support the larger community. By creating immersive experiences and environments we can create unique environments where we integrate the way we live and work.

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A full-service editorial. consultancy serving modern, luxury brands. A full-service editorial. consultancy serving modern, luxury brands. A full-service editorial. consultancy serving modern, luxury brands.





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