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with you at all points of your business

Every program and service has been thoughtfully designed to help you and your business reach new heights. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur who is just getting off the ground or you're a seven figure brand, the HN brand is here to help. With clients ranging from a multitude of backgrounds and industries, there's a no one size fits all approach to working with me.


from aspiring to multi seven figure brands, I'm here to support you and your vision.

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We are your one-stop-shop for all of your branding, marketing and PR needs. Our done for you services take the guesswork out of pitching and most importantly give you your time back to focus on the parts of your business that you love. We’ll handle the rest.

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The agency

For the business owner who needs someone in their corner. Hannah will become your trusted advisor, your library of resources and your partner in growing and scaling your business. With a tailored and custom approach for each client, Hannah is able to work with you to set goals, create a plan and assist you in implementation. 

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1:1 Consulting

If you are seeking community, knowledge and growth opportunities the HN programs may be the right fit for you. Both Brand Authority Accelerator and The Thrive Collective Mastermind are on an application only basis so you can rest assured that your peers will be as serious and ready to uplevel as you are. 

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Programs & Courses

Connection is what it’s all about. From luxury retreats, summits and creative VIP days, you get Hannah’s brain and an incredible destination wrapped into one. Virtual VIP days launching soon.

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The community Hannah created through Brand Authority Accelerator is unlike anything I have ever been a part of. She and the group of girls provided incredible feedback and motivation that have completely changed my business. Prior to this group, I was overwhelmed, with no clue where I wanted to go, after completion of the Brand Authority Accelerator I feel like I now know what needs to be done to grow my business. I owe all of that to Hannah for creating this group and the girls who were along for the journey with me.


“while working with hannah, i was able to grow my business to six - figures in three months. she gave me so much clarity and confidence in my business.”

“while working with hannah, we were able to map out long term plans for my business together versus just getting through the next month. these long term goals and new vision would never have been thought of on my own.”

“Once i started working with hannah, i was instantly put at ease, knowing she could help me implement best practices and systems to create consistency i've been dreaming of for my business.”

“Hannah makes decisions from her heart which means everything she puts out into the world is hands down from a place of love and you feel it. I am forever grateful for her and can not wait to work with her again in the future!”

“besides the fact that Hannah is an incredible business woman, most importantly she's an incredible friend. She took the time to not only teach you how to better your biz & yourself, but she asked about your family, your boyfriend/girlfriend/ husband/wife, your past, what makes you you. I think that's so important. ”

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