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The HN Brand is excited to share our business trainings suite to help elevate your luxury brand and develop the knowledge, strategies and passion for serving your current and future clients well. 

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Luxury Brand?

The White Glove Service Masterclass is designed for those who are not only looking to elevate their brand but who are looking to become known for delivering the highest quality of service to their clients & customers. 

One of the biggest pieces you'll find walking away from this masterclass is the knowledge of how to elevate your brand through White Glove Service. You will know how to develop the right strategies to make your client experience seamless, thorough & successful. You will have an in depth knowledge of where to find the bumps before they happen, how to problem solve and how to solidify customer retention. 

white glove service

student Testimonials

"My favorite part about working with hannah was the accountability held and our brainstorming idea calls. we were able to set plans and have a clear direction on how to execute properly."

“while working with hannah, i was able to grow my business to six - figures in three months. she gave me so much clarity and confidence in my business.”

“while working with hannah, we were able to map out long term plans for my business together versus just getting through the next month. these long term goals and new vision would never have been thought of on my own.”

“Once i started working with hannah, i was instantly put at ease, knowing she could help me implement best practices and systems to create consistency i've been dreaming of for my business.”

“Hannah makes decisions from her heart which means everything she puts out into the world is hands down from a place of love and you feel it. I am forever grateful for her and can not wait to work with her again in the future!”

“besides the fact that Hannah is an incredible business woman, most importantly she's an incredible friend. She took the time to not only teach you how to better your biz & yourself, but she asked about your family, your boyfriend/girlfriend/ husband/wife, your past, what makes you you. I think that's so important. ”

Client testimonials