A luxury immersive experience that combines business and wellness in a 3 day retreat.

Look no further, Thrive Retreats are here.

What if you could wrap a luxury retreat, intensive workshop, and a community of purpose-driven brands together in a four-day experience?

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I get it, you’re tired of just sitting behind a zoom screen all day long building your business and forming collaborative relationships with others. 

Designed for those who want high-level support in your business and have a desire to invest in a soul-driven experience. I’m a firm believer that the two go hand in hand, and during this in-person experience, we are focusing on both. 


You’re craving for a deep, transformative, and intentional experience. 

That’s why I created this retreat.

Imagine a luxury immersive experience where we meet in person in an intimate setting to map out your 2022 business goals, strategize your marketing and business growth, and get grounded through healing techniques and self-care. 

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This retreat will help put you at the forefront of your business.

This October you’ll be joined by 7 other women in the gorgeous Catskills area of New York. Over a 4-day luxury experience, you’ll get to join forces with 7 other women in an intimate group setting nestled in the Catskills. 

Think leaves changing, apple cider, pumpkin spice everything. 

It’s a vibe. 


Who is this experience for?

✶ This is for the ambitious CEO who is looking to uplevel and strategize their 2022, ground themselves as they enter the holiday season, and learn the tools and support they need to achieve optimal wellness while being a high-powered CEO. 

✶ This is the woman who craves connection deeply and wants to be part of an experience that incorporates a small intimate community. (don’t worry you’ll know everyone before you arrive)

✶ This is for the woman who wants intense support and strategy along with wellness recommendations delivered in a 3 night, 4-day experience.

✶ This is for the woman that understands that her health has to be a priority to achieve the up-leveling she deserves & yes - you CAN build an empire and NOT burnout!

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here's what you'll walk away with


You’ll walk away with a done for you launch plan for 2022! 


You’ll walk away with your visibility and PR plan mapped out for the following year.


You’ll walk away with an intimate high-level community of women and form lasting friendships and relationships.


You’ll walk away with a customized stress management plan along with the analysis of your minerals and body’s performance.


You’ll walk away with a weekly schedule that works with your hormones and not against it.


You’ll walk away with the confidence as you scale your business to new heights knowing you have an intimate community to support you.


You’ll walk away knowing you’re able to scale your business by also making your health and well-being a priority.


Additional Voxer support with Hannah and Victoria 30 days post-event to ask questions and have support as you implement. 

Here’s what you’ll experience:

Day 1:

You'll be welcomed to the beautiful Catskill Mountains we you settle into your beautifully designed Airbnb (yes with your private room!)

The first night we will have a dinner from local farm to table chef and get settled in by toasty campfire followed by a campfire and seasonal treats as we get started on our Thrive Experience

DAY 2:

On day two we're focusing just on business and strategy. You'll sip on your coffee looking at the beautiful fall foliage as we prepare your business for 2022.

You'll have training sessions with Hannah personally along with individual 1:1 sessions. 

In addition you'll also hear from guest experts to experience a well rounded view of your business. You'll walk away with your first half of 2022 planned and mapped out.

We'll end the day with a farm to table dinner.

day 3:

Saturday is geared towards wellness and internal well being. 

We will have sessions from Victoria Franca all on burnout, stress and hormones. 

You'll also have 1:1 time to learn more about your specific protocol as well as an intimate reiki and breath work session with Katie Parent. 

We'll end the day either at a local winery or the Emerson Day Spa (additional excursion) and dinner to celebrate all of our work. We'll end the day with a farewell dinner and campfire!

We’re merging both worlds in this 4-day immersive experience. 

day 4

Our last day of the retreat will include breakfast and integration. 

We'll close out the day at around noon time. 

Hey there, I'm Hannah. Your New York native Marketing Consultant, Agency Owner, Educator for luxury brands who are looking to scale through the power of marketing, branding and PR. 

I'm no stranger to high stakes and prior to this life was Director of Marketing of a national home interiors brand where I managed multi million dollar marketing budgets. 

After experiencing severe burnout and going to the hospital I knew I was meant for more. Cue the HN Brand. 

We've now served over 111 business in 2020 alone, built a 7 figure brand that serves clients from across the globe. 

I knew after my first in person experience that I needed to do this again, which is why we created Thrive Retreats. The first on the market to combine wellness and business to provide you with an intimate, luxury, transformative experience.

Meet your HosTs

Hannah Nieves and Victoria Franca

My first jump into the wellness field was working for a luxury Natural skincare & Spa consulting brand. I began to learn more and more about natural ingredients, aromatherapy, gut health, oxidative stress and had several opportunities to teach others about wellness and skincare. As my career in that field grew, so did my passion for sharing my knowledge with others.

A few years into my career, I began having several hormone challenges, very uncomfortable stomach pains, severe bloating, nausea, adult acne and severe fatigue. That’s when I began to look for the root cause of my symptoms versus relying on treating the symptom and joined FDN-P.

As I was able to heal my health by figuring out the root of the problem, I gained a whole new understanding for my own body. That’s where Omne Wellness came to life. 

Omne in Latin means to be in all comprehensive, all-ness. I finally comprehended about every part of my body and it’s functions, but most importantly I learned how to treat the root of my symptoms and had answers. 

I hope to be able to do that with you as well, not only guide you through this process but give you the opportunity to be in omne - all comprehensive about your own health.

Frequently asked questions

When will the retreat be held? 

October 21st, 2021 - October 24th, 2021

Are flight and transportation included?

That will be up to you, however, you can fly into Laguardia, JFK, and Newark. Local airports include White Plains Airport & Stewart International Airport or Albany Airport.

What should I bring?

It’s the best time of the year in the Hudson Valley. Leaves change colors, pumpkin spice everything. Bring comfy clothing for the day, we will be doing guided Yoga and breathwork so you’ll want loungewear for those wellness practices. 

Who is coming?

This retreat is capped at 8 ambitious women. You'll meet everyone beforehand at our welcome happy hour virtually and a group chat will be started so you'll be acquainted with everyone. 

What if I decide I can’t come?

When you commit to coming, you commit to yourself. Due to the nature of the event, I will have to pay for your spot and therefore no refunds or cancellations are allowed. 

When should I arrive?

The retreat will be held on October 21 - 24, you’re more than welcome to fly in earlier and stay at a separate hotel or Airbnb OR find separate lodging and find transportation to the venue on October 21st.

How is this different from other retreats?

This isn’t just wellness. This isn’t just business. It’s a hybrid of the two. Expect lots of strategies (bring your laptop), reiki and energy healing, yoga, and hormone experts.

There are only going to be 8 spots total for the fall retreat. Submit the registration form below - serious inquiries only, please. 

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