Helping service providers & consultants expand their authority, reach, and profits using marketing, branding, & PR

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Do you want to create a high-end service based business and educational platform without feeling like your messaging is unclear, you have to hustle for dreamy (& super high-paying) clients, and sacrifice your revenue goals because you’re stuck in the thick of client work?

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You want to be an agency owner and coach / consultant / educator and we are here to tell you that you don’t have to settle for anything less. You can create a luxury agency and a well-respected educational platform.

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You deserve all the respect in the world. You likely built a phenomenal reputation offline in your career, but now you’re learning the online space and you want it all but need the roadmap to get it.

(so you’re consistently driving revenue for both sides of your business) 

 Streamlining your


for your branding (so you can attract & pitch high-paying clients with ease) 

Raising the


(so you can get your name on the map without having to hustle on Instagram) 

Mapping a profitable 

Media plan

The Brand Authority Accelerator will help you master the strategies to elevate your image, enhance your reputation, and expand your income as an in-demand agency owner & consultant by... 

Well good news, this is our thing at the Hannah Nieves Brand.

Tell me if this is you: 

You’ve developed your initial product suite and bootstrapped your website

You’ve signed clients pretty consistently, and you know your services are powerful 

You want to create additional revenue streams, but feel like you don’t have enough time in the day


You’re looking to streamline your marketing & brand message so you can be seen as a FORCE in your niche

You’re looking to elevate your brand image to attract your DREAM clients

You’re ready for a marketing plan that creates instant authority regardless of how often you post on social media

Join the brand accelerator now

Because at the end of the day, you’re ready to go from underrated to an undeniable leader.  

Imagine if


having high-paying clients who don’t question your rates, clients who respect your expertise, and clients who shout your business services from the rooftops!


being seen as an authority in your space without feeling limited by doing “just one thing” 


having your brand featured in publications like thrive global, business insider, darling magazine, and oprah, martha stewart, and real simple 


having an organized and strategic marketing & pr plan to support your business growth 


having clarity on exactly how to expand your efforts and land dream podcast & media features 

I found a gap in the service-based industry, and I just had to fill it….

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“Our clients come to us with agencies & consultant brands they are ready to elevate & goals to expand their platform into education & coaching. 

My name is Hannah, and I am the Founder of BAA, a High-End Agency Owner & Luxury Brand Marketing Consultant. I realized that the absolute best way to help my clients uniquely & efficiently expand their brand’s reputation is to help position them for profit, influence, and impact using The Luxury Brand Method

There was nothing random about this either. I have been solidifying my signature “Marketing Trio” for years, even before I was the owner of my own luxury brand. I was creating marketing & PR campaigns for multi-million dollar luxury companies.

Beyond that, entering the online space made it glaringly obvious that there weren’t any coaches helping people do both, having the high-end agency and the educational platform. I knew I wanted to fill that gap with my programs! 
& when you work with HN Brand, you never have to worry about fighting for attention or that you will be lost in the shuffle. We eat, sleep, and breathe white glove service and luxury experiences - which is why we love coaching other entrepreneurs like you to create the same level of unique services.” 

I'm ready

Hannah Nieves

If you want to create a high-end, hybrid business model 
(agency & educational services) 

You’re in the right place.
Are you ready to increase your authority & reach by: 
opening up your business model by creating less work with higher-paying clients? 
creating an irresistible brand message that can be delivered at scale without having to create endless social media content? 
landing dream media opportunities so you continue to grow your lead pool with longevity-focused marketing efforts? 
& even more…

Be a part of a community that coaches services providers to effectively do both
(while keeping their head on straight)

Here’s exactly what the Brand Authority Accelerator helps you to do:
We will audit your existing brand message, positioning, and marketing processes & plan to refine it to set you up for higher paying clients and new opportunities 
We will refine, elevate, and expand your business with strategic planning & media coaching 

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What's inside

Phase 1

Refinement of your luxury brand 

Setting goals and vision planning

Internal and external brand audit

refinement of your messaging

Creating a luxe client experience and setting up systems to scale

Selling High ticket + planning your revenue and refining your product suite

Elevate your luxury brand

Elevating your luxury brand through visual aesthetics

Launch and content strategy

Omni Channel marketing planning

Email marketing for growth

Creating a sensory experience with your brand

Expand through the power of PR and the media

Introduction to PR and the media

Building your pr plan: Curating your media list, outlets and pitch angles

Setting up systems for your visibility plan

Leveraging brand collaborations

Tracking your ROI and success from yoru visibility and PR plan

Phase 2

Phase 3

What’s the

12 Weekly Calls

Guest Expert Speakers

PR Tools + Resources

Unlimited Voxer Support

1:1 Call with Hannah (if pay in full)

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What Types 
of Resources?

Pitch Templates

Media Spreadsheets

Organization and SOP Videos to build out your PR in your business

Lifetime Access to the Video Modules

Lifetime Access to the Guest Expert Speaker Videos

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This program is for you if


You’ve built a profitable business, you’re clear on your ideal client but you’re looking to uplevel your brand and position yourself as the go to person in your industry.


You know you’re lacking organization in your marketing plan. You’ve gotten great success so far but need to organize and streamline your marketing and PR efforts to have a cohesive and comprehensive approach.


You want to be able to pitch yourself to the media with confidence and be able to pitch TV outlets, print and digital publications and podcasts with ease.


You want a clear strategy and method to elevate and scale your business and position yourself as the leader in your space.


You want to gain more exposure to your brand so you can generate visibility and reach and help sellout future products and services.

Say no more, I want in

As seen in

The community Hannah created through Brand Authority Accelerator is unlike anything I have ever been a part of. She and the group of girls provided incredible feedback and motivation that have completely changed my business. Prior to this group, I was overwhelmed, with no clue where I wanted to go, after completion of the Brand Authority Accelerator I feel like I now know what needs to be done to grow my business. I owe all of that to Hannah for creating this group and the girls who were along for the journey with me.

Hannah has created so much confidence to propel forward in my business, as well as my personal brand. While participating in the Brand Authority Accelerator I was able to learn the skills and tools to build my business foundation. Hannah and the group of women that came together during this time was an absolutely amazing experience. After completing the Brand Authority Accelerator I feel “On top of the World”, that there isn’t a goal I can’t reach, and for that, I am so grateful for Hannah and the other ladies.

The Brand Authority Accelerator community was everything. Hannah created a community filled with powerhouse women who were so willing to help each other out. I went from having some 10K months, to now where I have strategies for attracting new clients, planning, and launching. That is all thanks to Hannah’s leadership and support that give me clarity and confidence that I needed to show up and step into the role of CEO. She was such a gift, and I am truly grateful for her.

Hannah was the perfect mentor and creator of the Brand Authority Accelerator. There is nothing I didn’t love during my time with these influential women. Hannah and I connected on such an amazing level that truly transformed my business. Outside of working with Hannah, the women she hand-picked to be beside on this journey were second to none, our sisterhood was epic. It was the best investment ever, and one I never wanted to end. Hannah created a community during a time that I felt like I had been lost from life, and my mindset completely changed thanks to her and the Brand Authority Accelerator.

Prior to working with Hannah and participating in the Brand Authority Accelerator, I had been feeling unclear and unsure of my brand and messaging. Now, I am crystal clear on my brand, messaging, and offerings. Hannah instilled in me that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want because it’s my business. She and the other girls helped me create so much clarity.

There literally was nothing I didn’t love when it came to the Brand Authority Accelerator and working with Hannah. Even when diving into the content I knew it would be focused on the PR work needed to grow my business, however, I didn’t expect the amount of groundwork Hannah included for us. I am a completely different person since going through the Brand Authority Accelerator. I knew I was a recipe for something great, but I was sitting in the dark with what to do next. I needed the confidence to find that CEO in me, and thanks to Hannah and the mindset she instilled in me I have now laid the foundation to make decisions from a place of growth for the future of myself and my business. 

During BAA I continued to have my highest-ever income months MONTH AFTER MONTH. It was a totally transformational time for my business and for my soul. I realized that the goals I set when I left my 9-5 were 100% achievable. I could really do what I had set out to and make the impact that I really wanted. One of my biggest wants was to give back through my business. Because of my background in International Development in the International sector, I wanted to ensure I could donate a portion of my project work to NGOs I trusted - the only problem was, I didn't have enough steady income to do that yet. Now, I make a donation after every completed project and am donating 10% of all launch proceeds to support those in developing countries. What this all says is that BAA has truly helped me step into the income and the impact I set out to make in the first place. Now, I feel unstoppable. I know that I can take on anything I imagine. Hannah is an absolute joy to work with and one of the most beautiful people inside and out. She is an incredible coach and PR Queen

There are three things that truly embody the Brand Authority Accelerator and that was the community, support, and Hannah. Before joining this group I had no idea just how much I was drowning in ideas, lack of execution, and facing inconsistent revenue that made for stressful months. Now that I have gone through BAA I feel like I am on top of the world. I am clear with the direction I am headed and have a great community of support. Thanks to the Brand Authority Accelerator and Hannah I am consistently generating income. I have had my first $10K month, I am launching two new products, and paid off $20K in debt. The level of service Hannah and the Brand Accelerator provided to me is immeasurable. Hannah leads with her heart, and is so supportive, trustworthy, loyal, and truly has transformed my life.

My business has already generated over 75% more this year (Feb 11) than all of last year. I feel I have a stable foundation to grow from, and I've hired another member to my team. I also feel confident in myself, the value I bring, and how to implement PR and omnipresence into my marketing strategy moving forward. Oh, and I don't feel alone anymore!
- Krystal Woods

I receive so much clarity in my business. I took back control over my business and life. I was in a place where I was having my business run me instead of it being the other way around. I was able to let go of a business model that did not fit my needs or wants. I learned more about myself and how I want to be as a leader.
- Monica Denais

BAA was a good refresh to put myself in the forefront of the business with an actionable plan - The group support was great and I look forward to working with Hannah again.
- Eman Al Sarraf 

When I signed up for BAA I knew I was ready for the next level of growth and expanding into education. I felt stuck and lacked motivation on taking the next steps. After BAA, I felt momentum. Even after my first payment, I started finding coaching clients, creating a program, and by the end of BAA I had my highest revenue month to date.
- Hillary Jeanne

I experienced so much value within BAA. I loved that everything was simple and straight to the point so as not to be overwhelming. The PR Module was absolutely mind-blowing. The mindset piece was one of the best experiences as well and being able to talk through big things that were coming up with Hannah, was seriously priceless. I experienced massive mental and creative shifts within BAA which birthed an aligned business that is seriously the business of my dreams.
- Maclovia Nunez

I experienced so much value within BAA. I loved that everything was simple and straight to the point so as not to be overwhelming. The PR Module was absolutely mind-blowing. The mindset piece was one of the best experiences as well and being able to talk through big things that were coming up with Hannah, was seriously priceless. I experienced massive mental and creative shifts within BAA which birthed an aligned business that is seriously the business of my dreams.
- Maclovia Nunez

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Frequently asked questions

When Does This Program Start?

The Brand Authority Accelerator will reopen Q1 2022.

Should I submit an application?

I recommend submitting your application ASAP, enrollment happens on an ongoing basis and once a cohort is filled, it's filled. By submitting your application you'll be able to secure your spot if this program is a good fit. 

When will the calls be scheduled?

We will survey everyone in the group to see the best days and times for calls.

I want your eyes on my business, how much access will I have to you?

You will have complete access to me within the private Slack channel as well as voxer support. If you’re looking for more 1:1 support, please check out my 1:1 consulting page here

What’s the refund policy?

There are no refunds for this program. I mean does Harvard give refunds?

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